Secure Alternatives of Google Chrome

Secure Google Chrome AlternativesGoogle Chrome is the biggest rival of Mozilla Firefox, and both always fight for the name of the most-used web browser. Though Chrome is popular, but still, it is insecure browser and you must use some secure alternative of Chrome if you are serious about your privacy and security.

Chrome is the Google’s version of Chromium, an open source and free web browser. You like and use Google Chrome, but have you ever thought: how secure it is?

Potentially not, I guess.

Google Chrome transfers your data to Google’s servers. It is shocking but true!

Though Google has provided the data-sharing code (by making it open source) to the Internet community, and it is proved not to be uploading private information. But why to take risk or even give your data anonymously to Google. The data can be your searches and the websites you visit to anything in between.

What is the solution or the way around? You can use any of the Chrome’s secure alternatives and feel the same Chrome experience without losing any of your data to Google. Let us have a look on some secure alternatives of Google Chrome browser.

Comodo Dragon

Dragon is a secure alternative of Google Chrome from the web security experts at Comodo. Comodo knows what plagues the Internet and what destroys the online privacy of web users, and so they designed the dragon.

“Today’s Web users require MORE than a Browser that is faster, nimbler and more stable. They need one that is secure too!” – Comodo Dragon’s homepage

Comodo has all the Chromium (the browser from which Google Chrome is derived) technology to enhance your web browsing experience, e.g., fast browsing, minimalistic design, etc. In addition, Comodo offers many security features, e.g., Comodo stops cookies, web spies and other tracking tools; Domain Validation feature which checks for low-reputation or infected domains and websites, etc.

Comodo is available for Windows only.

Download Comodo DragonComodo Dragon Browser

SRWare Iron

Iron is a secure alternative to Google Chrome. SRWare Iron announced to be secure than Google Chrome as it do not share any of your information (anonymously or non-anonymously) with Google, i.e., it do not upload any of your data to anywhere.

“it (referring to Google Chrome) also gets critic from data protection specialists , for reasons such as creating a unique user ID or the submission of entries to Google to generate suggestions. SRWare Iron is a real alternative.” – SRWare Iron’s homepage

Iron does not have many features of Google Chrome that can lower your privacy level, e.g., URL tracker, suggestions tracker, unique ID generator and submitter, etc. On the contrary, Iron does have some serious and useful privacy features, e.g., built-in Ad-blocker, changeable User-Agent, etc.

Iron is a cross-platform browser and is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Download SRWare Iron


Internet has grown widely over the past years, and today web is not used only by innocent people, but also by thieves, spammers, hackers, and many other malicious people trying every bit of their energy to steal you or your private information in any way possible. In short, Internet is not a secure place any more.


However hard you try, you require Internet for some or the other reason. Internet is not a fancy technology now, but a growing necessity for everyone. It is a medium of communication, entertainment, social and professional meet ups, and much more.

Therefore, you need to secure your Internet activities to protect yourself from being robbed. Browser is the starting point of your Internet activities or browsing and that is why; a secure browser is necessary for everyone serious about his or her online privacy and security.

So, use a secure and not-so-popular alternative of the famous Google Chrome. Above given two browsers are better than the Chrome in terms of privacy and security features. If you are a fan of Chrome and enjoy using it to browse the web, then you will surely enjoy safe browsing experience provided by these two secure alternatives of Google Chrome. If you are unsure between the two, download the one from Comodo.

Which browser do you use?