10 free Android Apps to Learn English

Android Apps to Learn EnglishAndroid is all about fun and productivity, but if used properly, can even serve as a tutor. On the occasion of International Students Day (yesterday, November 17th), here are some Educational Android apps for you. Let’s have a look at 10 Android apps to learn English.

Android has abundant apps for nearly all purposes. There are also many apps to learn and improve English. English is such that you can never catch it in a day – it needs time and practice. Use the below given Android apps to start learning or improving English.

English has its own importance and you can use Android to improve your English skills. English is a widely-spoken human language, and mastering it means better skills and opportunities. You have many doors open when you’re proficient at English and that’s why, I’m going to list some of the most useful Android apps to learn English.

      1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

A language can never be understood better without proper vocabulary and English is no different. Dictionary is one of the best tool to understand new words and improve your vocabulary. Merriam-Webster Dictionary is a free app which can help you gain better vocabulary.

You can find meaning for thousands of words and that too offline – it’s whole database of words is stored in your phone and you don’t need Internet to use this dictionary. You can listen to word’s pronunciation with it. You can also learn one word per day using its Word of the Day tool (both needs working Internet connection). It’s one of my favorite apps that’s installed on my Android.

Merriam-Webster on Google Play

      1. Dictionary.com

Dictionary.com is another free Android app for learning and understanding new words. It’s packed full of great features and tools, including dictionary, thesaurus, voice search, etc. It will help improve your vocabulary as you can learn meanings, synonyms, antonyms, word origins, abbreviations, acronyms, etc. using this app. These all features require Internet to work.

Dictionary.com on Google Play

      1. Dictionary

Dictionary by Farlex is another free Android app for learning words. It supports dictionary in 13 languages along with the option of offline dictionary (no need to have Internet for searching meanings). It offers dictionary, thesaurus, word pronunciations, word of the day, various language-learning games, etc.

Dictionary on Google PlayDictionary

      1. Learn English with busuu.com!

Learning English using Android is made easy using this free app. Learn English with busuu.com! comes pre-packed with various-levels English learning material. It offers 20 English learning kits for free. English learning packages include vocabulary building, different topics using daily life situations, audio-visual learning materials, dialogues and interactive tests, writing exercises, etc. On the top of it, you don’t need Internet connection to learn English using this app.

Learn English with busuu.com! On Google PlayLearn English with busuu.com

      1. Learn English with babbel.com

Enhance and review your English skills using this Android app. Learn English with babbel.com can help you master English language by easy-to-learn lessons. All the lessons are free and you just need a babbel.com account to access and download them all. This app works without Internet after you download the reading materials. It features vocabulary trainer for beginner and advanced level learners with voice recognition support to test your English pronunciation skills.

Learn English with babbel.com on Google PlayLearn English with babbel.com

      1. Learn English – Voxy

Voxy is just another fun way to learn English. Voxy has various free learning materials for you. It’s easy to learn English with Voxy than traditional method of memorizing books. New lessons are available daily for free which you can use to enhance your English skills. More over, it has daily news stories, flashcards with audio support, study reminders and several other helpful tips. Voxy will help you improve English pronunciation and make you speak English fluently, thus effectively improving your communication skills.

Learn English – Voxy on Google Play

      1. LearnEnglish Podcasts

Learn and Improve English skills with the help from the British Council. This app give you access to 20 (or more) English podcasts (audio speeches or lessons). You can listen to podcasts and do practice activities (accompanied with each podcast) to improve your English. Podcasts can be listened in streaming or downloaded mode.

LearnEnglish Podcasts on Google Play

      1. English Verbs

Learn English verbs and grammar using this free Android app. It lets you browse and search English verbs and their conjugations. It supports various verb forms and tenses. It works without the Internet.

English Verbs on Google PlayEnglish Verbs

      1. Practice English Grammar

As there are syntax rules in computer languages, so are grammar rules in human languages. You need to learn these rules before you can effectively and correctly use any language, and same is the fate with English. English Grammar rules are abundant and you need to know the correct use of them. That’s why this app – Practice English Grammar.

Practice makes a man perfect! It has multiple lessons and question sets related to various topics of English Grammar which will help you to improve your grammar skills. This app comes in two parts – you can find the download links for both below.

Practice English Grammar 1 on Google Play

Practice English Grammar 2 on Google PlayPractice English Grammar

      1. Test Your English

Only learning and memorizing makes no sense if you don’t know the correct use of your knowledge. Above given apps will help you learn and improve your English skills. This app will help you test your English knowledge and skills that you learned so far. This app comes in two parts – you can find the download links for both below.

Test Your English 1 on Google Play

Test Your English 2 on Google Play


English was never easy and never will be! But with the correct resources at your hand, you can always start learning this popular language. Even if you’re not interested in English, you’ll slowly find that English has its own importance – for example, it’s the primary language at many places, including the Internet.

English needs slow pace learning and lots of practice. Above listed free Android apps will help you get better command over English language and thus, open lots of new opportunities and possibilities for you, e.g., you can be a freelance writer or blogger, may be!

Use the free tools above to learn English and improve your communication skills. I’ll suggest installing at least a dictionary and a learn English app, and then after, you can check other apps after you finishes learning from one.


Which one is your favorite?

Did you find them useful?

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