Top 4 Free VPN for Android Users

Free Android VPNsSome VPN providers are offering free VPN service via their Android clients. VPN is a must-to-have for every security/privacy enthusiast, then why not utilize this free offering? Let’s see some of the free VPN providers and their clients for Android.

VPN – Virtual Private Network – is a technology which uses tunneling to provide online security and privacy by hiding IP address, encrypting the connection and thus, making you anonymous while you browse the Internet. It’s a necessary tool to protect you from network sniffing (extracting information from unprotected/unencrypted networks, e.g., user names, passwords, etc.) when using public networks like Wi-Fi Hotspots, etc.

VPN is a boon for online privacy enthusiasts. After (some) governments and other online services have started trying to track or censor people’s online activities, it’s the VPN technology which came at rescue. With an active VPN, you can browse any website on the Internet, no matter it’s blocked by your school, office, or the government.

VPN clients given below offer free VPN service for Android users. The apps given below are different from configuring VPN manually from Android’s settings. These apps will provide easy to connect interface and may offer some other freebies too!

      1. Hotspot Shield VPN

The famous free (ad-supported) VPN for the desktop is also available for the Android platform. Hotspot Shield for Android is much like its desktop brother – you can enjoy unlimited VPN access for free as it’s supported by ads.

There is also an Elite version, with special features like ad free access, block malicious websites, etc.; which can be activated with a monthly or yearly subscription. This app also provide an Offer Marketplace where you can complete offers and surveys to avail Elite version for free.

Hotspot Shield VPN on Google PlayHotspot Shield VPN for Android

      1. DroidVPN

DroidVPN is an Android product from PD-Proxy, a VPN service for desktops. DroidVPN offers free VPN service for 100MB/day usage (with access to two VPN servers) on Android. You need to subscribe to its premium service if you want access to all VPN servers or want to uplift the 100MB/day bandwidth limit.

DroidVPN is easy to use VPN client for Android, but unlike Hotspot Shield, it has some prerequisites – rooted Android system, installed SuperUser, working tun.ko, and a Droid account which you can get from its website.

DroidVPN on Google PlayDroid VPN for Android

      1. Tigervpns VPN

The VPN for desktops, Tigervpns, bring its VPN service to Android platform too. Tigervpns provide free VPN service for Android users upto 100MB free bandwidth usage. You need to subscribe to its premium plans if you want to use it after the 100MB bandwidth threshold limit.

Tigervpns VPN Client on Google Play

      1. Hideman VPN

Hideman VPN provide 5 hours/week free VPN service for Android users. You need to subscribe to premium service if you want to uplift the 5 hours/week limit. This app also provide in-app advertisements and promotional offers which can be used to earn premium hours for free.

Hideman VPN on Google PlayHideman VPN for Android


VPN Clients for Android given above provide free VPN service along with providing easy-to-use and easy-to-connect interface. Out of these four, Hotspot Shield for Android is the right choice if you’re download savvy user as its service is fast and provide unlimited bandwidth. If you don’t like ads, then DroidVPN is the right choice for you. If you get problems with these two, then you can go for other two options.

I suggest you must use a VPN whenever you access Internet via a public network otherwise someone may abuse your privacy and steal your important information by sniffing into the network. If you’re an Android user, then the above given VPN clients for Android are just the right VPN tools to start with.


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Image Courtesy: Google Play