10+ Reasons to use CyanogenMod

CyanogenModAndroid by Google is the coolest mobile platform ever built but mobile vendors ship their own version of Android with subsequent changes. Mobile companies do it to bring customization features and uniqueness built especially for their phones. That really degrades your Android experience. What’s the solution? Custom ROMs. CyanogenMod is the most famous Custom ROM of Android. CyanogenMod brings you original Android experience with a bunch of additional features. Let’s check what CyanogenMod has in store for you.

CyanogenMod is developed by the community and is a free project. Recently CyanogenMod 9.1 (CM9.1) has been released and the community is working hard on its elder brother, CM10. Unlike Stock ROMs, CyanogenMod is a free aftermarket firmware of Android – what it means is CyanogenMod is not developed by any mobile company and don’t resemble customized versions of Android as done by mobile vendors. It provide you true Android experience along with making you happy by providing many extra customizations and system features. Here are some of the reasons that you must install and use CyanogenMod over other ROMs:

Original Android Experience

CyanogenMod gives you true experience of Android. It lays Android in your hands as it was built at Google – no deadly changes, no (unneeded) bundled apps, no ugly customizations, no degraded performance, etc. as done by mobile vendors to make their phones unique. I do like some of the changes done by mobile companies but weighing the pros and cons of them, cons wins the battle – mobile companies make great customizations (not everytime) but this result in huge performance loss. Not to worry now – you’ve CyanogenMod!

Cid – CyanogenMod’s Mascot

Cid is the new cool mascot of CyanogenMod. Cid is Cyanogen Blue (or cyan, I suppose) and it’s not a chunky little android any more. Now, he’s a teenager – as all teens, with an attitude. Bootscreen of CyanogenMod is a lovely animation version of Cid. Trust me, you’ll love it.CyanogenMod 9 Boot Screen

Custom Themes

CyanogenMod comes with in-built support for theme customizations. There are lots of beautiful themes available at Google Play Store at the mere distance of a search ‘CM9 theme’. When I searched for it, I was amazed at watching many free themes that were simply wonderful. As the Stock ROM, you’re not stuck with only some themes but you’ve option to choose from many – you can have one theme per one day in a month.

Eye Candy

CyanogenMod is not limited to the themes for catching your eye – it has much more. CyanogenMod is a big eye-candy custom ROM. It provides many animation and transition effects. What else? You can choose your favorite animation or transition effects to be applied for the system instead of the default one. For example, animation effect when locking the screen, etc.CyanogenMod 9 Home screen

Handy Lock Screen

Unlocking the phone’s screen to do all small tasks sometimes become frustrating. CyanogenMod 9 brings improvements to the lock screen. Now, you can keep your calendar items and weather info on the lock screen for accessing them without the need to unlocking the phone’s screen every time you need to check them out.

Customizable Status Bar

You may think it’s not a great thing but yes, it is handy. You can customize many aspects of the notification area like showing time in 24-hour or 12-hour format, battery in simple or percentage meter, signal strength in simple or value meter, custom widget buttons, etc. What’s more? There’s an option enabling which, you can control the screen’s brightness by sliding your finger over the status bar. Isn’t that amazing? Now, you don’t need to open settings to control screen’s brightness.CyanogenMod 9 Status Bar

Terbuchet Launcher

Terbuchet is the new launcher in CyanogenMod 9. It’s filled with features and have horizontal scrolling of apps. You can customize app drawer, home screen, etc., e.g., number of home screens, dock divider, lock wallpaper scrolling, etc.

Install your Apps

CyanogenMod give you enough space to install your favorite apps without any hesitation. As the number of default apps is less, you get more storage option which means more apps can be installed on the phone’s memory. Even apps can be moved to the SD card and what’s more? Even with many installed apps, CyanogenMod hardly shows any performance degradation.


CyanogenMod 9 brings Profiles – different profiles for different situations or places. You can override various settings using profiles for different times like connections, volumes, vibrations, system settings, etc. For example, my Work profile has volumes 0 & vibration ON, WiFi & Sync ON while rest OFF; my Car profile has volumes full & vibration OFF, GPS & Mobile data & Sync ON while rest OFF; my Home profile has volumes full & vibration ON, Mobile data & Sync ON while rest OFF; etc.

Private Browsing

CyanogenMod brings enhancements in Android’s browser – now you can browse the web privately without storing your history, download history, cookies and temporary files, i.e., without leaving any traces of your browsing on the phone. Everybody has something to hide and it’s your key to hide your private browsing stuff.

OpenVPN Support

CyanogenMod supports OpenVPN for Android. You can’t use OpenVPN in stock ROMs (at least not without rooting). OpenVPN has better security and more features than other VPN protocols like PPTP or L2TP.

Faster Speed

CyanogenMod is much faster than stock ROMs. It’s true that speed depends on your phone’s hardware but if you compare a stock ROM vs CyanogenMod on a same hardware, stock ROMs is in no condition to dance!

Performance Improvements

CyanogenMod works great than any stock ROM. Due to less pre-packed apps and many performance tweaks, it works better. The community develops the code and keep fixing the bugs which give you smooth experience of Android with less halts and crashes. It also means your phone is compatible with most of the apps and rarely cause any issues.

Performance Tweaks

There is a Performance section under the Settings in CyanogenMod. It has many performance tweaks which you can use to tweak your phone for much better performance, e.g., control CPU’s frequency, memory management, etc. Please note that these features should be used with caution as they can also damage your phone permanently.CyanogenMod 9 Performance Tweaks


With all these features, CyanogenMod is the best custom ROM of the open source Android operating system for smartphones. CyanogenMod is available for most of the devices and is readily ported to more devices by its community members. I’m using CyanogenMod from months and I just enjoy using it. Using CyanogenMod 9 is like using Windows XP which was fast and customizable than Windows 7. Don’t blame me, I like speed and performance rather than looks – really, I can’t work on a beautiful OS which opens an app in 10 seconds but I’ll prefer to work on an ugly system which opens apps at a click. If you’ve rooted your phone already, then you must try CyanogenMod at least once. (Please search Google about CyanogenMod’s download links for your phone model.)


Did I left one of your favorite features?

Why you like CyanogenMod?