Get Bitcoin: 20+ ways to Earn Free Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a new and quickly spreading digital currency system. What it means is you can send and receive money, pay for your snacks or pizza, buy an Android for your loved one, etc. using bitcoins. Recently, bitcoin exchange rate has gone as high as never before – about $15 per bitcoin. Just imagine to get bitcoin free coins and you’ll be having enough money to buy you a computer game or a software! Interesting, isn’t it?


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Whoa! Bitcoin is not only of some worth but also anonymous (till some limits, if you follow guidelines to maintain anonymity), i.e., no one can know about you at time of sending or receiving payments. It’s possible as you don’t need to provide any of your details like name, address, country, etc. to use Bitcoin system. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency system which is not governed by any central authority tracking you and your money. Then how Bitcoin is managed? Bitcoin is maintained by peer-to-peer network of contributors who run Bitcoin software on their computers and become part of the system, and help the system to grow and run.

You can get bitcoin free coins by doing small works like doing surveys, reading posts, signing up forms, clicking on ads, etc. There are also people who give out free bitcoin to people who are thinking to start using Bitcoin system. Why they give free Bitcoin? For a simple reason – they like Bitcoin system and they want it to grow and become popular, and so they want you to use Bitcoin. By giving out some amount of free bitcoin, they encourage you to use Bitcoin system and once you come to know about the benefits of it, you’ll use it by yourself – no need of encouragement then.

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Note: I’ve removed some of the sites that were not good to be included in this list.


Here are some of the services where you can get bitcoin for free or by doing little work:

1. Daily Bitcoins

This site give out free bitcoins to users for visiting its site. You get free bitcoins only once per day and you can visit this site again tomorrow to get some more free bitcoins. I suppose this site runs on ads and they want you to visit their site to increase their ads revenues and in return, you too get some free coins (mutually beneficial for both). They also have a referral program, which you can use to maximize your free earnings. PS- don’t forget to click on ads on their site, may be you can get bigger amount of free bitcoins this way.

2. CoinURL

This site pays you bitcoins for shortening your URLs with its service. What happens is after you shorten your URL on this site and post that shortened address, then people visiting that link is shown ads and you’re paid for it.

3. Free bitcoins by

This site offers you free bitcoins for visiting their site.

4. BitCrate

This site pays you free bitcoins for visiting their site.

5. iWantFreeBitcoins

This site provides free bitcoins to you for completing offers and surveys.

6. Chromatic Creative  (Thanks Casper for sharing)

This site also offers free bitcoins for viewing other websites but this site do it in a different way – you’ve to see a website and then answer a question related to the shown website to redeem your free bitcoin. It don’t make you see website for any particular time – you just need to answer the question, no matter you take 5 seconds or 5 minutes in doing the same.

7. BTCFree

This site offer you small amount of bitcoins for visiting their site.

8. Bitcoin Addict

This site gives you 0.0001 BTC for just visiting their site. It also offers jackpots which can be upto 0.01 BTC.

9. BitVisitor

This site give out free bitcoins to you for browsing other sites for a minimum of 5 minutes. It’s not a poor thing – you get paid for working – in this case, browsing their advertisers’ sites. You don’t need to create an account for this, just enter your bitcoin address and start browsing sites, and you get paid as you finish browsing the sites. Simple and direct!

10. faucet

This site also offers you free bitcoins for just visiting their site. It give out coins every 1 minute.

11. Feed Ze Birds

This site give you free bitcoins for re-tweeting sponsored ads present on their site. It claims to pay you bitcoins at most in an hour, no matter where in the world you are. Along with the sponsored ad, payment amount is shown so that you can select which ads to re-tweet if you want to get maximum earnings.

12. Coin Slot

This site give you free bitcoins for completing ads and it announced to give away free bitcoins without showing ads as the site grows.

13. Free Digital Money

This site provide you free coins for completing offers on their site. Offers can be completing surveys or buying something from one of their advertisers.

14. TagPad

This site gives you 0.0001 BTC for every public bookmark you make on this site. This site is a public social bookmarking site and you get some rewards for sharing good links on this site.

15. Bitcoin Terror

This site is a online gaming site. It is a real gaming site where you play Urban Terror online and whenever you kill a player, you get his/her bitcoins. On the contrary, if you die, you lose some of your bitcoins. Amount of bitcoins that you get or lose depends on the game that you’re playing. These amounts are shown on the homepage of Bitcoin Terror.


This site gives you free bitcoins for visiting and browsing sponsored websites for some set amount of time.

17. CoinWorker

This site pays you bitcoins for doing small works like surveys, search items and submitting reports, etc. You make points from doing work and once you’ve reached 200 points, your points get converted to bitcoins and are paid to your bitcoin address. If you ask me, I won’t recommend this site as it will take a lot of time and effort in earning 200 points.

18. Rugatu Q&A community

This site is a question and answer forum. This site rewards you small amount of bitcoins for answering to questions asked by other members.

19. BTC4Free

This site pays you bitcoins for completing advertisers’ surveys.

20. CoinTube

This site pays you bitcoins for watching their sponsored videos.

21. CoinAd

This site give away 0.0005 BTC for just visiting their site. You can redeem free bitcoins only once a day.

22. free bitcoins

This site pay you free bitcoins for completing the offers on their site. Offers may include signing up for various free services or something similar. But of course, you need to provide correct information about you when completing their offers, else that offer won’t get verified and you won’t get paid.

23. Bitcoin4you

This site give out free bitcoins for viewing other websites.

24. Bitcoin Faucet – Free Bitcoins

Bitcoin Faucet give out 0.005 bitcoins to each visitor. You must have a Gmail account to claim your free bitcoins on this site and you need to solve a CAPTCHA problem to prove it that you have living cells, i.e., you’re a human and not a piece of code (automatic bot) trying to steal free money from the site.


Bitcoin is new and many people show concerns about its usage or future. I won’t say it’s going to rock but I agree it’s going to live. I’ve been closely researching about Bitcoins for some time and you’ll be amazed to know that 1 BTC worth of $1 some months ago is now equal to (approx.) $15. I have observed that Bitcoin is being quickly adopted by people and demand for bitcoins is rising day by day, and that’s the reason behind its growing exchange rate. Well, I hope you’ll like these above given sites and get some free money to buy you a chocolate!


Do you know any other site to get free bitcoins?

What is your experience with above given sites?

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