10+ Public and Open DNS Servers

Open DNS ServersDomain Name Service converts the domain names (of websites) to their IP addresses so that you can access the website. Generally, your ISP maintains DNS servers but if you want better speed, security, or parental controls (and more such features); you must change to public or open DNS servers.

Is it available free? Yes, of course.

The job of DNS Server or DNS Resolver is simple – it converts the domain (like www.techathena.com) to its IP address so that your browser can reach the website. Domain names are in practice because they are easy to remember than IP addresses. Thus, there is a need for DNS server, which resolves the domain name to its correct IP address, else who knows you may land on which website!

Benefits of Public or Open DNS Servers

Though your ISP maintains a DNS server for you, but switching over to a public or open DNS provider has its own benefits. Features offered by DNS servers are different but you may choose what suits you best. Some of the advantages include:

  1. Better browsing speeds
  2. Avoid censorship done by the ISPs
  3. Protect your children from adult content
  4. Avoid websites known for phishing, identity-theft, or scams

How to change DNS Servers

Changing your default DNS Servers to an open DNS server is simple. Follow the steps provided in the Google’s tutorial to change DNS Servers. Scroll below on the page to Windows, Mac OS, or Linux (choose your own operating system) and then, follow the steps given below it.

Please note these instructions while following the above-mentioned tutorial:

  1. Change the Google’s Public DNS servers with the one you choose from below given options.
  2. Below given IP addresses are IPv4 addresses and not IPv6.

List of Public and Open DNS Servers

Google Public DNS

Google Public DNS is a DNS resolution service offered by the search giant, Google. Its DNS service is one of the largest globally offered public DNS service. Using Google’s DNS servers, you get speed and security while browsing the Internet. It is fast and provides various security measures to protect you from DNS type attacks. and



OpenNIC is a project offering free and open DNS servers. It offers many features like DNS neutrality (all the websites are open and accessible), enhanced privacy (no one will track you through DNS requests), freedom from government intervention (you can access any website), and no DNS hijacking by ISPs.

OpenNIC provide you DNS servers as per your location for best performance: Get the nearest DNS Servers from OpenNIC


DNS Advantage

DNS Advantage is a free recursive DNS offered by the NeuStar, Inc. It offers greater speed and enhanced security from malicious websites and online attacks. and



OpenDNS offers you a free and open DNS resolution service for home use. It comes with many advanced options like more speed and reliability, flexible parental controls that can safeguard your children, and protection from phishing and identity-theft attacks.

Sign up for OpenDNS to take advantage of its DNS service. and


Norton ConnectSafe

Norton offers free and open DNS service for home use. Norton’s DNS service offers three types of protection: First offering protection from malware, phishing, and fraud sites; second offering protection from malicious websites and adult content; and third offering protection from malicious and adult content as well as non-family-friendly websites.

First: and

Second: and

Third: and


Verizon’s Public DNS Servers

Verizon, the Internet Service Provider of USA also offers an open DNS resolution service for people. It do not offer any known security feature but may prove fast for US citizens though not guaranteed. and and and and and



ScrubIT offers free public DNS service for your home or business. It offers secure and reliable DNS service while providing you protection from malicious, fraud, phishing, and adult websites. You can also sign up for ScrubIT free DNS service to customize what web content is allowed and blocked on your system. and


Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo, the leading provider of computer security solutions, offers a free, secure and open DNS service for every computer user. It offers reliable, fast, and safe internet experience. It guarantees automatic protection from malicious content and phishing websites when you browse the internet using its public DNS servers. and



BlockAid provide free and open DNS service in support of anti-censorship of the Internet. It promotes the idea of free and open Internet, and that no country, government, or organization should be in control of the web and its services. Please note that the use of BlockAid DNS servers can be illegal in some environments. and



DNSReactor provides free public DNS service that you can use in place of the DNS servers offered by your ISP. It does not state any benefits of any kind, but just a plain and simple DNS resolution service. and


SmartViper Public DNS

SmartViper offers free open DNS service for web users. It does not offer any known benefits. and



Public-Root offers free-to-use public DNS servers for everyone. It offers many DNS servers located across many continents of the world. You can choose the one located near you and start browsing the Internet freely. See the list of Public-Root DNS servers.


German Privacy Foundation

German Privacy Foundation offers a free, uncensored, and public DNS service. It offers uncensored DNS servers for you. Using its servers, you are free to access any website of your choice. and


Swiss Privacy Foundation

Swiss Privacy Foundation offers a free and uncensored DNS resolution service. It offers uncensored web access for you. and



CensurFriDNS.dk offers free and secure DNS servers for people. It offers uncensored DNS service that provides you access to the open internet. and


DNS is a necessary tool, but is often used by culprits to guide people to insecure or phishing websites. It has been used in past for mass hacking attempts and in spite of all the security algorithms and practices, it can be used in future too. Above given DNS resolution services will enhance your privacy, safeguard you from attacks, and even provide you a faster Internet.

If public and open DNS servers are offering so many goodies, then why not use them. Isn’t it right?

Which is your favorite public DNS service?